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A secure ID card contains visual security elements to protect against tampering and forgery. HID Global offers visual security features that enhance card security. Our expert team can help define what security elements are right for your organization.
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1234567Surface HologramsOne of the most commonlyrecognizable anti-counterfeitingmeasures available on the market.Embedded HologramsEmbedded holograms arepositioned under the rigidclear top surface of the card.Invisible UV Fluorescing InkInvisible ink images providea covert anti-counterfeitingmechanism.Laminated High ResolutionLithographic PrintingEmbedded, high-resolutionlithographic printing.Optically Variable InksColors change dependingon the angle from whichthe document is viewed.Guilloche PrintingComplex background graphicsthat are extremely difficult toscan and reproduce.Micro-fine PrintingMicro-fine text hiddenwithin a graphical design.



HDP 500 Card Printer



Fargo HDP8500 Industrial &
Govt Id Card Printer



 Fargo DTC1000Me Monochrome ID card Printer






 Fargo DTC 4500 Printer




Fargo DTC4500E High Capacity Plastic Card Printer


 Fargo DTC5500LMX ID card Printer & Laminator


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    FLAWLESS TECHNOLOGY LTD is based in Abuja, Nigeria and has core business interests in provision of security solutions.  We specialize in the planning, design, specification, implementation and management of security systems using advanced technologies. FLAWLESS TECHNOLOGY is in direct technical partnership with most manufacturers whose equipment we integrate into our Network designs.  Because of our exacting standards of selection, this equipment gives our Network the robustness and reliability to function optimally under most conditions.


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