Fire Prevention and Detection System

The Fire Prevention and Protection program (FPP) requires adherence to and compliance with all applicable laws, orders, regulations, codes, standards, guides, policies, and good practices pertaining to fire prevention and protection. General fire prevention requirements, including fire-and-life safety systems; testing and maintenance; and roles and responsibilities are provided by this program.

Fire continues to be a significant hazard in every campus operation even today. Building designers plan for fire safety in the construction and renovation of organisations buildings. Occupants should be aware of the fire protection features of their building and should be careful to not undermine their purpose. Occupants should also practice fire safe behaviors by identifying the hazards specific to their area and using the appropriate preventative measures. In the event a fire does occur, the campus fire emergency policy should be enacted.

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    FLAWLESS TECHNOLOGY LTD is based in Abuja, Nigeria and has core business interests in provision of security solutions.  We specialize in the planning, design, specification, implementation and management of security systems using advanced technologies. FLAWLESS TECHNOLOGY is in direct technical partnership with most manufacturers whose equipment we integrate into our Network designs.  Because of our exacting standards of selection, this equipment gives our Network the robustness and reliability to function optimally under most conditions.


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